KURT BESWICK  ❭  Creative Giant

Kurt is the owner and managing director of redGiant Creative. With a background in graphic design and fine art, he has led the studio in shaping unique, innovative and interactive experiences that inspire audiences from concept to completion since the company was launched in 2006.

Outside the studio he is dedicated to wildlife conservation issues and actively displays his artwork and photography in galleries across Utah and New Mexico. Kurt earned his BFA from Florida Atlantic University. (View his art & photography site here)


   EVA CHIU  ❭  Production Giant

As a multi-talented artist with many years of expertise in graphic design and product development, Eva has the patience, endurance and attention to detail to draw ultra-complicated site plans for our home builder clients. Even the largest communities in the country are no match for Eva's unstoppable production design prowess.

When she's not hard at work designing, you'll find her outside shooting photography. Eva earned her degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Houston, Texas.


   JAMES BRODERICK  ❭  Technical Giant

As the technical tour de force behind our coding and application development capabilities, James works his magic behind the scenes. He brings a vast skillset to the table, including extensive experience in database management, server administration and high level custom programming.

When he's not on the bleeding edge of application development, you'll find him traveling to far flung destinations in various spots around the globe for the University of Florida. James earned his Masters in Information Science from UF.


   MATT ROBBINS  ❭  Design Giant

Matt continues to provide the redGiant Creative team with innovative design solutions that effectively communicate our clients message to their target audience. He specializes in visually educating potential customers on our clients' product through advertising campaigns across all mediums.

When Matt isn't setting up a print run of 250,000 mailers, you'll find him working on such projects as building a fully operational 1/5th scale offshore power boat. He earned his Industrial Design degree from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


   CARLOS LOPEZ  ❭  Illustration Giant

As a multi-talented artist with two decades of expertise in traditional illustration, graphic design and product development, he's the kind of guy who can design a gorgeous logo for you in the morning and invent a new chocolate truffle for you by lunch.

When he's not dazzling your taste buds with his award winning chocolates from his medicinal tropical plant garden in Costa Rica, you'll find him working on design projects in his studio on the edge of a volcanic caldera. Carlos' diverse creative interests make him a unique asset to the redGiant Creative team.


   MARK C.  ❭  Security Giant

Mark is our "White Hat" hacker and cyber security specialist. With cyber crime constantly on the rise we like to offer our clients network penetration and security audit services so they can have peace of mind knowing their website and network is safe and secure. He has a wealth of experience in the field from his time working with various alphabet-soup agencies in Virginia and Washington DC.

Mark earned his Masters of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Florida State University.


   ALEJANDRO DIAZ  ❭  Motion Graphics Giant

With the eye of a designer, the brain of a developer and the precision of an engineer, Alex brings a unique hybrid perspective to his role at redGiant Creative. Whether it's broadcast quality motion graphics or polished interactives, he works closely with the rest of the team to bring animated visual concepts to life.

Alex has been known to take up multiple new hobbies at the same timesuch as Taiko drumming and kite surfingendearing him with the nickname "Pulpo" (the octopus). He earned his BS in Materials Science from the University of Florida.


   YVAN GAGNON  ❭  Developer Giant

Yvan is our team's lead full-stack web developer, and continually strives for pixel perfection and customer satisfaction. When he isn't building responsive and database-driven websites or troubleshooting complex CSS and JavaScript bugs, he's either researching and experimenting with the latest in cutting edge web technology, tinkering with the "Internet of Things" gadgets, or restoring his vintage RV.

Yvan earned his degree from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and later went on to study as an English major at Broward Community College.


   ERIC BOSWERTH  ❭  Sales Giant

Eric is our outside sales specialist whose focus is on landing new clients and acting as the charismatic face of redGiant Creative. Eric has a wide range of experience in multiple industries from aerospace engineering to hotel management earning him the nickname "Wildcard." When he isn't charming our new clients with stories about taming wild animals on his property in Colorado, you'll find him carving custom totem poles out of old pine trees.

Eric earned his degree in marketing and business management from Colorado State University.