KURT BESWICK  ❭  Creative Giant

Kurt is the owner and managing director of redGiant Creative. With a background in graphic design and fine art, Kurt has led the studio in shaping unique, innovative and interactive experiences that inspire audiences from concept to completion since the company was launched in 2006.

Outside the studio he is dedicated to environmental protection issues and actively displays his artwork and photography in art galleries in Utah and New Mexico. Kurt earned his BFA in Fine Art from Florida Atlantic University. (View his art & photography website here)


   ALEJANDRO DIAZ  ❭  Motion Graphics Giant

With the eye of a designer, the brain of a developer and the precision of an engineer, Alex brings a unique hybrid perspective to his role at redGiant Creative. Whether it's commercial quality motion graphics or polished interactives, he works closely with the rest of the team to bring animated visual concepts to life.

Alex has been known to take up multiple new hobbies at the same timesuch as Taiko drumming and kite surfingendearing him with the nickname "Pulpo" (the Octopus). He earned his BS in Materials Science from the University of Florida.


   JARRETT BRODER  ❭  Technical Giant

As the technical tour de force behind our coding and application development capabilities, Jarrett works his magic behind the scenes. He brings a vast skillset to the table, including extensive experience in database management, server administration and high level custom programming.

When he's not on the bleeding edge of application development, you'll find him flying aerial mapping drones in various spots around the globe. Jarrett earned his Masters in Information Science from Florida State University.


   DAVID DAVIS  ❭  Illustration Giant

As a highly experienced professional medical illustrator and multimedia producer, Dave brings a wealth of technical prowess to our collective. With extensive experience in a variety of digital animation styles his capabilities allow us to enhance client projects and explore new avenues.

Dave has worked for a number of years in the past as a full time commercial art director. He earned his degree in Medical Illustration from GSU and is an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators.


   MATT ROBBINS  ❭  Design Giant

Matt continues to provide the redGiant Creative team with innovative design solutions that effectively communicate our clients message to their target audience. He specializes in visually educating potential customers on our clients' product through advertising campaigns across all mediums.

When Matt isn't setting up a print run of 900,000 mailers, you'll find him working on such projects as building a fully operational 1/5th scale offshore power boat. He earned his Industrial Design degree from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


   OSCAR CASTILLO  ❭  Production Giant

When it comes to drawing ultra-complicated site plans for our home builder clients or creating gorgeous colorized floor plans, Oscar is an unstoppable creative force to be reckoned with.

If he isn't drawing a 2,000 lot site plan from scratch for one of our custom builders, you'll find Oscar turning early-model Chevy Impala's into hydraulically actuated low-riders, because that's just how he rolls.

Oscar earned his degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Houston, Texas.